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Sign Up Page - TheWiSpy Affiliate Program

Join TheWiSpy affiliate program and grow your bank balance by making money through every sale you generate. Create an affiliate account, place our linking banners and texts on your website and earn profits whenever your web visitors convert into our customers.

Terms & Conditions:

to get started with affiliate program, you are required to acknowledge and abide by the terms and conditions (hereinafter T&C) stated in this document. Please carefully read the T&C of TheWiSpy’s affiliate program to understand the rules and regulations in detail. Make sure that you thoroughly read this document before signing up with the TWS affiliate program. While registering for affiliate program, you show your consent to accept the T&C cited in this agreement. Be noted that T&C mentioned in this agreement are not all-inclusive; TheWiSpy can change the T&C in accordance with laws, marketing campaigns, and other obligations. Thereby, we propose that you check back all the clauses mentioned in this affiliate program T&C document. TheWiSpy will inform all its affiliates in case there are any alterations made in this agreement.


New affiliates of will be eligible to collect payment on Monthly bases.

Payments Cycle:

TheWiSpy releases payment to its affiliates on a monthly basis.

Payment Methods:

TheWiSpy affiliates can receive payments through the following payout methods.
● PayPal
We will add new payout methods as soon as they become available.

Rules, Policies, and Limitations concerning Affiliate Content:

Creativity - You can be as innovative as you want with your content, but make sure you stay genuine and don’t overstate something TheWiSpy can not do or offer. We provide our affiliate management services to all our affiliates. In case you have any uncertainties or concerns, you can discuss with your affiliate supervisor. You can also lookup for details from features’ page.

PPC Campaigns:

We advise you not to use SEM bidding keywords such as THEWISPY, The WiSpy, The Wi Spy, Wispy,, etc., in any circumstances. Also, verify that you negative- match these keywords in your PPC campaign. The match type is preferably broad/equivalent.

SEO Rules:

You can utilize search engine optimization, but you need to follow the rules mentioned below precisely.
Avoid brand-oriented optimization. Do not optimize your web pages to TheWiSpy brand keywords. The reason for that is, if you use TheWiSpy brand keywords in your content, your content will clash with ours, and all our SEO efforts will go in vain. Furthermore, make sure that your SEO actions will not be deleterious to the affiliate program of TheWiSpy. Against any harmful activity, TheWiSpy will promptly terminate your affiliate account.
If an affiliate marketer uses or sets up a domain name contingent on existing, TheWiSpy will be banned from the affiliate program.

Content Rules:

Note that we do not appreciate you mentioning any details that are not authentic about TheWiSpy app. Make sure you use truthful information regarding TheWiSpy services and products. Any exaggerated information that may negatively affect the reputation of TheWiSpy would cause more loss than benefit to the affiliates.
For example, affiliates must precisely use information such as; “limited time offer”, “sale expiry date”, “free demo”, “return policy expiry”, etc.
Please ensure that you cite the below-mentioned disclaimer at the bottom of your affiliate article/post.


TheWiSpy software is designed for kids’ monitoring, parental control, and employee surveillance. No other usage of TheWiSpy is endorsed.TheWiSpy strictly discourages the use of the app in any illegal manner and is not liable for its customers' illicit use of the spyware.

Traffic Generation Methods:

Be noted that automated links are not allowed to be used on your website for TheWiSpy affiliate program. As a website owner, you are required to give your content not to use any link that can be opened automatically without the visitor clicking on it.
The following traffic generation methods are also forbidden:
● Drive-by downloads.
● Pop-unders.
● Spam pop-ups.
● Cashback or incentive-based traffic is also not allowed.

Coupon Websites:

TheWiSpy affiliate program does not support coupon websites. However, if you consider your website an excellent fit for our affiliate program, please specify the reasons and identify your website attributes in your affiliate application.

Website Eligibility:

Most websites are eligible for our affiliate program, but we do not accept websites that contain the following contradictory points:
● Sexually explicit content.
● Offensive content promoting hate, violence, etc.
● Discriminative content based on religion, race, gender, age, nationality, disability, etc.
● Illegal websites that target WARES, HACKING, CRACKING, SPAM, etc.

Note that if your website violates the requirements above-mentioned (at any time), TheWiSpy reserves the right to terminate your affiliate account with no prior notification.

* I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.